Monday, June 27, 2011

Injections: Day 9 (Friday, June 24, 2001)

Physical: The title of this post is misleading, because after my morning injection of Ganirelix, there were no further injections.  The doctor decided that my follicles are mature enough to trigger tonight! (Today's Test Results: 20 follicles visible, 16 are big, 4 are dinky, estrogen 2672)  That estrogen sounds ridiculous, if you ask me!

Emotional: Amazingly, considering the level of my estrogen, I'm still as sane as I ever was.  I'm very grateful for this.

I'm afraid of the trigger shot.  There are no two ways about it, the needle is long and I'm a chicken!  I brought my shooter to the doctor with me this morning in order to give him a crash course in administering the trigger shot.  The nurse insisted it doesn't hurt, but I don't believe her.

Evening update:  The trigger shot really didn't hurt!!!  I am very sensitive to needles.  When they take my blood at the doctor, I can't stand it.  But amazingly, the 1.5 inch needle in my butt, into the muscle, was barely noticeable.  I kept asking if he was sure it was in (probably not a question men like to hear in any other circumstances ;).  But, GOOD NEWS LADIES, it was in and it was completely painless!

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