Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Injections: Day 5 (Monday, June 20, 2011)

Physical: Starting to feel more swollen and bloated for parts of the day.  I go back and forth from feeling normal and feeling a bit fragile.  (Today's Test Results: 17 follicles visible, 7 are measurable (not sure what happened to the 8th one that was measurable yesterday), estrogen 648)

Emotional: I'm perfectly sane.  Really, I might be immune to the emotional effects.  I'm just so level-headed!  Who am I kidding?  I'm sure devil-woman is waiting in the wings for her opportunity to strike next week...

I'm absolutely thrilled to have 17 follicles.  Let's just hope they all mature and have beautiful, perfect, little eggs in them.

Is anyone reading this?  Tell me your thoughts.  Have you considered freezing your eggs?  It took me about two years of thinking about it, researching, and getting comfortable with spending the money before I was ready.  But I have to say, as soon as the doctor's appointment was made, I felt like a weight was lifted, like I could stop grasping straws and trying to make the wrong relationships work.


  1. Hi, I just called to make an appointment at a fertility clinic. I've done some initial research, but know this is something I want to at least make an effort. Your blog is really helpful! Thank you so much for documenting your experiences and thoughts.

  2. started researching this in 2010, when I turned 35, but decided against because it was still "experimental". started researching at 37.5 last year about this time, incl bloodwork and ultrasound follicle count. made recent decision, at 38.5, to move ahead with this.