Monday, June 27, 2011

Injections: Day 7 (Wednesday, June 22, 2011)

Physical: The swollen feeling continues, but it's nothing that is changing my life.  I can still do most normal things.  I'm going to work without a problem.  The major difference is no exercise (I normally run and lift weights) and nothing else to physically strenuous.  (Today's Test Results: 13 follicles were measured, but 3 of them are kinda dinky, so call it 10 big, estrogen 1057)

Emotional: I feel fine.

FYI, there was no doctor's appointment yesterday and nothing exciting happened, so I didn't feel the need to post.

The Doctor's Take
Today, the doctor joined us (the ultrasound nurse and me) during the ultrasound.  She was quick to tell me that I only had 10 decent sized follicles.  That is good, but I shouldn't be too confident that I won't have to go through a second cycle of egg freezing in order to get the desired 15+ eggs.

This definitely put a damper on my enthusiasm, but I also chalked it up to her desire to set my expectations low so that I would likely be happy with the outcome of this cycle.


  1. Hi, I'm about to start a cycle for egg freezing (I'm 37) and am having second thoughts about whether I should freeze embryos instead (using sperm bank), since there's more medical experience with thawing them than thawing eggs. Did you think about that, or was it clear to you that you would do just eggs?

  2. Yes, I thought about that. If you read my earlier post Who? What? Why? (, I go into some of my thought process.

    I did think of freezing embryos or half embryos and half oocytes. But if I was going to do that, determine the father today, why not just have a kid today using artificial insemination? I did very seriously consider having a kid today. But I was so hot and cold on the idea, I just couldn't garner the conviction to go through with it.

    For me, the purpose of freezing anything was to give myself more time and more possibilities. In a couple years, if I have not landed in a solid relationship, I will revisit the prospect of having a child on my own. At this time, I think oocyte cryopreservation is the right choice for me.

    Another thought is you could delay the decision until you see how well your stimulation is going. If you're several days into the meds and only have, say 4 follicles, maybe that will make you opt for embryow. But if you have 12, you might feel more confident about freezing oocytes, even though you may lose a few more in the thaw process.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Maybe Baby Momma

  3. It sounds like you and I have had a lot of similar thoughts. I, too, have considered having a baby on my own, but I swing from saying "Of course I can do it" to "Holy cow, there's no way I could do it on my own" when I seee my friends struggling even with their husbands to help. I think your point about waiting to see how the stim goes is a good one. My RE recommends doing the eggs because I'm single and it gives me the most flexibility in the future if I meet someone. I guess I feel like I was so dumb to wait so long (why didn't I do this when I was 30?!), that so much rides on this decision now. Probably a bit dramatic and unrealistic (when I was 30 I thought I'd meet someone by now).
    Appreciate your response.

  4. Stop beating yourself up...they didn't have the ability to freeze oocytes when you were 30! Plus, that's too young to really think about this stuff.

    I went to an information session about freezing eggs about a year before I actually did it. There was a 29 year old woman there. The doctor giving the presentation told her to come back when she is 35! That made me feel better about my age.