Thursday, June 16, 2011

Injections: Day 1 (Thursday, June 16, 2011)

Physical: I'm still bleeding from the period that started on Tuesday, the day after I stopped taking birth control pills and had my baseline tests done.  (Baseline Test Results: 11 follicles visible, no cysts, no's a go!)

Emotional: Upbeat, curious about the process, happy to have friends and (however bizarrely) a new and amazing boyfriend to support me through this process.

I pull out my big box of meds at 7:15pm, thinking this will be simple.  Hold on, what did I do with my notes from Injection Class?  Crap, they're not in the box of meds; they're not in my folder of egg freezing-related document; they're nowhere!

"Relax", I tell myself.  Then, I remember that there's supposed to be a video online.  One final review of the documents in my folder yields an instruction manual.  Awesome!  However, it's funny how it seemed so simple when I was mixing and injecting the artificial belly during the "injection class".  Now, it seems like absolute rocket science.

I inject the Gonal F on the right side of the belly.  I must admit that I do have that one inch of chub to pinch, which is just what I need for a good injection.  The Menopur is going in the left belly.  I'm amazed that I can barely feel the needle going in.  The Gonal F, upon injection, causes no sensation at all.  However, there is a slight sting with the Menopur.  By 8:00pm, I'm done with my injections.  I'm sure it will go much faster tomorrow.

It's now about 45 minutes after the injection.  I'm sitting on the couch, writing my inaugural blog entry, feeling like my belly is bloated or swollen.  But I kinda think that sensation is psychosomatic.  Otherwise, nothing has happened yet.

Stay tuned...

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