Saturday, February 18, 2012


You hear stories about women doing something like freezing their eggs because they have simply not yet met the right guy and, next thing you know, they meet Mr. Right.  Well, I certainly never thought it would be me.  I mean I couldn't get it right the first 36 years.  But, alas,....wait for it...wait for it...


That's right.  The man I started dating a few weeks before starting the egg freezing process is now my future husband!  I remember the awkward time in the beginning when I decided that I was going to go through with the procedure even though I just started dating this great guy.  I had postponed it too long already.  The tough part was going to be telling him.

Most people have not even heard of egg freezing and I was going to spring this on him less than three weeks after we met!  I think he was a little taken aback at first, but upon reflection, he realized that it was probably good for both of us.

There has been absolutely no pressure or rush from me on getting to this milestone of engagement, nor has he felt the need to hurry up and make a decision.  The whole relationship flowed naturally.  We both do want to have children.  The egg freezing has allowed us to feel that we have a bit more choice and flexibility.

So, it did actually happen to me!  I had just about given up on finding him, but managed to find an amazing, kind, loving life partner!

Keep the faith, ladies :o)



  1. Congrats MBM!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog about your egg freezing experience.
    We recently launched Eggsurance - an education and community website for all things egg freezing and would love to showcase your egg freezing adventure in our "Women Like You" section:

    Thanks for bringing attention to egg freezing as an alternative!


  2. so you haven't actually used the eggs yet? do you know what the success rate of babies being born from frozen eggs is?

  3. Great blog! Thanks for all of the info. I'm in the process of doing a freeze cycle and found your thoughts very useful!

  4. I don't see anyway to contact you directly so I'm posting a comment here. I would love to talk to you more about your blog. Can you please contact me at jay(at) Thank you.

  5. Great new, my eggs were frozen for 1.5 years and I met Mr right, we got married last year and now I'm looking to try naturally first and see how it goes, it's been 3 years this month since I froze my eggs!

  6. Hello MBM,
    My name is Valerie. I have a website called Eggperience. Would love to interview you if you are willing to come forward for the section What Women Are Saying about egg freezing and fertility. Looks like some time has passed since you made these blog posts. Not sure if things have change or if your journey to motherhood has already started but would love to talk to you.

    Thank you,


  7. This is brilliant, congratulations! I only hope my egg freezing journey is as happy as at the moment your story sounds very similar. I met my current boyfriend just as I was about to start my egg freezing. The process was very stressful, starting with low AMH results.
    It would be great if you followed my story too at I'll keep everything crossed for you. Sarah

  8. Hi, just beginning this journey. Curious as to how your story turned out! Did you ever need to use the eggs? :)

  9. Hello, I am a Sociologist at the University of Manchester who is currently conducting research into women's experiences of egg freezing. I am very interested in interviewing you! Interviews can take place on Skype, the telephone or via email, and all responses are anonymous. If you are interested in taking part/would like to know more, please get into contact with me at: Thank you.

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