Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two months post-extraction!

About two months have passed since the surgery.  I did quickly go mostly back to normal.  The only difference is that my belly is still about a half to a full inch bigger than it was before.  How do I know?

My pants, which were about 4 inches too tight at the time of the surgery, are still a bit tight.  Now, maybe I haven't been as diligent with my diet and exercise as I was previously or maybe it just takes a bit of work to lose the little bit of padding, but I have noticed this difference in my body.

Now for the juicy stuff...THE MAN!
So, the new boyfriend is still here!  (Hence the slacker job in updating this blog over the past ~2 months.) Things are going great.  I must say that having 18 little buns of hope in the freezer has helped me to be more relaxed about the "future" and just enjoy getting to know him.  I think it makes him also feel less anxious.

One thing I didn't realize before I started this egg freezing process is that there are many women who don't want to have children.  (Perfectly valid choice, just different from mine.)  I have recently heard some men (who want to have kids) complaining that they have trouble finding women who definitely want to have children.

An unexpected upside to my egg freezing was that my new boyfriend had no doubt that having children was a priority to me.  But instead of coming off as desperate or anxious to jump into just any relationship, the choice to preserve my fertility is seen and thoughtful and responsible.

Again, please post any and all questions!  I'm here to help!

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